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Various Artists: Endless 1

  1. Paul Schutze - the memory of water, part one - 5:08
  2. Null - rain trees - 4:26
  3. James Plotkin - slow revolutions - 7:58
  4. Lull - way through staring - 23:45
  5. Pointless Orchestra - red meat holiday - 7:17
  6. P. Children - reverse pool - 5:01
  7. Mesh - i address the roaring sea with a mouth full of stones - 6:18
  8. Trance - aurora borealis (light) - 7:55
  9. Sheephead - bay of hopelessness - 2:00
  10. James Plotkin - live 1/3/93 - 4:08

An astounding ambient experimental compilation from many of the some of the premire groundbreaking artists of the ambient genre. Resembling much of Brian Lustmords's work this album relies heavy on the ambient sound instrumentation of nature as a focal device upon which to base music. The concept is beat is conspicuously absent from almost every piece instead relying heavily upon the layering of sound structures to develop the depth of the performance. I found the absolute best time to listen to this album is either during periods where nature is at it's extremes or as a sleeping aid evoking luminescent dreams. An epochal achievement in the realm of deep ambience suggesting that perhaps one ought to experience more work by the bands present on this compilation.

Manifold Records
P.O. Box 12266
Memphis, TN 38182


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