Album Cover

Enclave: Artificial Hell

  1. Artificial Hell
  2. Otherworld
  3. Human Inc.
  4. Clones
  5. One God

It is a definite shame when a band like Enclave which has more than an average amount of electronic compositional talent washes out their sequencing and keyboards with the foul six stringed demon better known as a guitar. Every song on this release starts and ends with an elaborately designed electronic composition that eventually gets drowned out by the two guitars used on each track. "Artificial Hell" would definitely benefit from the total removal of all guitar from it's tracks thereby allowing the excellent electronic programming to shine through. Unfortunately the guitar is everpresent and therefore effectively ruins most of the release. An alternate solution would be to recruit the talents of a skilled studio enginner who could at least mix the guitars into the music in a manner that they don't detract from the overall quality of the electronics. In either case the resulting music would certainly be more palatable than the guitar splattered tracks on "Artificial Hell".

Enclave is:
Jarek Tatarek - guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
Jason Silva - bass guitar, additional vocals, noise
Terry Cordell - drums, percussion, programming

144 S 3rd St #606
San Jose, CA 95112


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