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Various Artists: Enchantments

  1. Digital Poodle - Head of Levin (remix)
  2. Noise Unit - Kick To Kill
  3. Electric Hellfire Club - Night of the Buck Knives (Altamont mix)
  4. Die Krupps - Metal Machine Music (Degeneration mix)
  5. Penal Colony - Blue Nine (Free Me mix)
  6. Laibach - Die Liebe
  7. Spahn Ranch - Breath and Taxes (Deductable mix)
  8. T.H.D. - Cyberchrist
  9. Noise Box - Monkey Ass
  10. X-Marks The Pedwalk - Abattoir (Razorblade mix)
  11. Kill Switch.. Klick - Decanonized
  12. Lights Of Euphoria - Subjection (Violent mix)
  13. Blok 57 - Burn Baby Burn
  14. Psychopomps - Hate
  15. Frontline Assembly - Immobilized
  16. Leaether Strip - Torture (A Suicide Note)

A very diverse collection of bands from all over the world, but if you look closely, only seven of the sixteen bands are actually on the Cleopatra label. What Cleopatra has done is maintain a HUGE licensing agreement with Zoth Ommog of Germany to domestically release in the U.S. just about everything the label produces. This in turn not only has made a great deal of very good European music available at rock bottom prices, but it has turned Cleopatra Records into the Wax Trax of the 1990's.

Hilights on this CD include anything done by Claus Larsen. He appears of vocals on the Lights of Euphoria track, as well as showboating a track of his own. The direction the Claus is taking with his music can only take the traditional terms of electronic industrial music to new levels. Also to be noted are the tracks by Penal Colony, Spahn Ranch, T.H.D., Digital Poodle and Kill Switch.. Klick. These bands being the best and brightest additions to Cleopatra Records, and they guarantee that Cleopatra's light will burn just as long as the Egyptian empire did.

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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