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Embryoptic: Blood Vessels

  1. [synapse i][relapse] 7:12
  2. [synapse ii] 5:47
  3. [synapse iii] 5:14
  4. [synapse iv] 6:21
  5. [synapse ii][rev e mix] 5:28
  6. [synapse iii][opalescent] 5:53
  7. [synapse iii][cf mix] 4:49
  8. [synapse ii][edit] 4:35

Embryoptic is the newest Connect The Dots project by Brian Rowe who previously released a cassette only album under the moniker Cartesian Faith. Embryoptic hopes to explore the fluid dynamic aspect of music and how the contours of the flow lines in the music itself have an effect of sweeping the audience into another sensorial realm. The album itself exists in two distinct fragments. The first half is the music as it was created, raw and naked, from the void. The second half is an incessant reworking and remixing of the raw materials into the another stage of development, almost in an attempt to reach musical puberty. This is by no means suggesting that the initial creation of the tracks is of any lower quality but only to serve as metaphorical reference. The first versions of the tracks flow together almost seamlessly as if to suggest the merging of various streams and brooks into the river of life. The remixes stress the particular individuality of each tributary and serve only to highlight an facet of a track that perhaps might have been overlooked otherwise. Embryoptic is a fascinating musical metaphor which really needs to be heard in order to fully quantify it's subliminal undertones.

Embryoptic is: Brian Rowe

Connect The Dots
P.O. Box 84809
Fairbanks, AK 99708


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