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Various Artists: Elektro Discharge

  1. Biopsy - Why Bother? 4:04
  2. Inertia - Cryonika 3:15
  3. Velvet Acid Christ - Save Me From Love 5:11
  4. Blind Passengers - All I Would Die For 3:33
  5. Attenuated Euphoria - Pedestal 3:38
  6. Matrix - Dreams are Real 4:36
  7. Noxious Emotion - Efficiency 4:05
  8. Audio Paradox - Cached Influx 4:30
  9. Fockewolf - Submit Submissive 3:46
  10. Gasket - Misfortune 4:35
  11. Volition - Pacific 4:40
  12. Dead Letter Office - Last Things 4:20
  13. diverje - Camera 3:25
  14. Osofaux - For The Moment 3:45
  15. Nothing Inside - Slow Death 4:58
  16. Manhole Vortex - In The Shadows (anti-apparatus) 4:44
  17. RKiK - Death of a World 4:02
  18. Holocaust Theory - Man vs. Machine pt.2 2:05

After several successful collections of independent artists, DSBP appeared to be able to do no wrong. Unfortunately, with "Elektro Discharge", the label compiles a list of rather mundane tracks. Even bands I normally enjoy like Biopsy, Velvet Acid Christ, Noxious Emotion, Manhole Vorex and Holocaust Theory submit substandard material for this compilation. The remainder of the bands, including those from the Northwest who are good friends of mine like Fockewolf, Attenuated Euphoria, Volition, Gasket, and RKiK contributed better material on the last independent collection on which they appeared. Realistically, there is nothing wrong with the music on this CD because none of it is actually that bad, but the real problem is that it isn't that good either. I can't hear any passion or sense of musical purpose making me wonder why some of these bands even bothered to contribute. Ultimately, we are allowed to have a bad day once in a while and that is what "Elektro Discharge" is for DSBP.

237 Cagua NE
Albuquerque, NM 87108


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