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Various Artists: Elektrauma Vol. 2

  1. 9 Elma - Final Process
  2. Pierrepoint - Remain Undone
  3. Covenant - Theremin (Clubmix)
  4. Stigma - Untitled
  5. Kevorkian Death Cycle - Veal
  6. Terminal Choice - Schmerz
  7. Image Transmission - Bound to Die (V 1.1)
  8. Aisotype - Aisolate
  9. Waiting for God - 1000 Pieces
  10. Toxic Shock Syndrome - Tentamen Suicidii
  11. VNV Nation - Requiem QCN (Martyr version)
  12. Fortification - You Give Me
  13. [Active] Media Disease - Lost
  14. Sabotage Q.C.Q.C.? - La Passion
  15. In Strict Confidence - The Prisoner
  16. Allied Vision - Flooded in Blood

This new release in the Elektrauma series, along with providing the listener some excellent electro-industrial acts (which they did so abundantly in Volume 1), has added a few acts which have a harder edge to them. As with the first compilation, the majority of the acts performing on this compilation are European, but they have also included a couple of great North American acts as well. These include the great combination of heavy industrial sounds and gothic sensibilities of Waiting for God from Canada and the coldwave brutality of Kevorkian Death Cycle from California (although for this particular track by KDC, the guitar is absent; but they still display their aggressive music abilities ). And you still get some great straight electro tracks; such as the Front 242-leanings of Covenant, the combination of seductiveness and floor moving ability of Sabotage Q.C.Q.C.?, and the heavy techno flavoring and harsh vocals of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Terminal Choice and [Active] Media Disease provide some strong stand-out tracks, but most songs on this disc should satisfy anybody's craving for intelligent and moving electro-industrial music. (Kevin Congdon)

86 Rue Des 7 Petites, 6120 Nalinnes

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