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Various Artists: Electropolis

  1. Front Line Assembly - Bliss 6:29
  2. Numb - Blood (Crash and Bleed Edit) 8:29
  3. :wumpscut: - Soylent Green (German Lyrics) 5:50
  4. informatik - Entropy 5:09
  5. Mentallo & The Fixer - Vision (Metro Mix) 8:09
  6. Thinkingman - Screaming Saints (Numb Remix) 4:39
  7. Out Out - Futile (Version 9D) 3:45
  8. Terminal Sect - Backwards Effigy 4:47
  9. Necrofix - Il Mostro 4:11
  10. In Strict Confidence - Prediction (Extended Mix)
  11. Funker Vogt - Killing Fields (Guitar Fixer Mix) 5:04
  12. Evil's Toy - Organics (Slow Motion Mix) 3:55
  13. Haujobb - Time is Elastic 6:31
  14. Snog - Born to Be Mild (Overture) 3:32

Quite unlike some other so called Electro labels, Metropolis waited almost five years since the inception of the label to release their first sampler. Then, instead of with mostly album tracks, "Electropolis" actually includes new and exclusive material by Front Line Assembly, informatik, Terminal Sect, Necrofix, and Haujobb. With the exception of the Snog, :wumpscut:, Funker Vogt, and Evil's Toy tracks, the material is exclusive remixes. This means for the cost of a sampler CD, the consumer gets almost 2/3's new material. Even the non-exclusive material is from releases that appear only on imports and not on domestic versions of Metropolis albums. Other labels could surely learn a lesson from this burgeoning Electro label from Philadelphia. Release a quality compilation like "Electropolis", and you will have fans praising your every action.

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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