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Various Artists: Electronic Youth Vol. 3

  1. Amgod - Gismo
  2. Network Access - Sheep in the Abattoir
  3. Angst Pop - Viva Ta Vie
  4. Trylok - Your Way
  5. In Strict Confidence - Inside
  6. Mastertune - Forget the Rest
  7. Blind Passengers - Yes Sir!
  8. Neo Tec - Neo Tec 52
  9. Sacred Implant - Differ
  10. Perfect Torment - Technofear
  11. Covenant - Theremin
  12. Signal - All My Sins
  13. Delay - Wasting My Time
  14. Diary of Dreams - At the Border of My Nation
  15. Voice of Destruction - Visions of the Future

This new release in the Electronic Youth series showcases a good variety of electronic/industrial artists mostly from Europe, with styles ranging from aggressive electro to gothic-tinged electro to electro-pop. I would say this is just as good, if not better, than Volume 2. All the tracks are well produced, and no matter what your tastes are in industrial music, almost all the songs are enjoyable to hear. The track by Angst Pop sounds like a speedup Battery, but with lyrics in French and a little less angst. The track by Mastertune is a very solid electro track, but it is too reminiscent of Front 242 for most of the track. The track by Neo Tec is an instrumental in a fast-paced techno style, but with the beginning and ending parts of the song presenting some keyboard washes which give the impression that you have been overcome by a slow, erotic movement. The track by Sacred Implant is a slow, mesmerizing track, which has a hint of evil to it. The track by Covenant is one of my favorite as the music is somewhat similar to F242, but the vocals have a deeper emotion to them and they put in some nice keyboard washes through parts of the song. Signal's track falls into the electro-pop vein, very similar to Depeche Mode, and the song tends to grow on you after a few listens. The track by Delay is along the same line, but has more of a house and R&B influence to the song. The track by Voice of Destruction, one of the few American bands on this release is probably the most aggressive on this release and comes across as sort of gothic marching song, which makes this track seem out of place on this compilation. There are no terrible or filler songs on this release and if you're looking for to explore the different flavors of industrial music, this would be a good compilation to check out. (Kevin Congdon)

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