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Electronic Control Organization: Demo

  1. Falling Down Years
  2. Frost Warning
  3. Insinuate

It doesn't take much to notice that Electronic Control Organization have a great deal of talent and motivation when all three songs on this demo are solid, well constructed compositions. However, while they may have strong programming skills, they lack both originality and a strong production technique. Usually it kind if wears thin when a band swipes more than one bassline or sequence to use in a single song. In this case. ECO borrow heavily from Front Line Assembly for two of the tracks on this demo, in as much as they start to actually sound like FLA. The other downside is that the vocalist is exceedingly monotone and whomever mixed the demo buried his voice underneath so much of the electronics that he might as well not be singing at all. The vocalist definitely needs to spend some time in voice classes to learn to utilize a more varied vocal range. At the same time the band severely needs to invest better studio and mixing equipment before attempting another release. Overall not a bad piece of work for a first effort by an unknown band but ECO certainly needs a great deal of work before they will be ready for prime time.

Electronic Control Organization
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