Electrode Dingus 2026: nitrogen jukebox

Side 1:

  1. You Must Go
  2. Less From Our Sponsor
  3. Ballpark Marionette

Side 2:

  1. Gladiola Stare
  2. Alien Anchorman
  3. Cockroach Messiah

This tape is where old analogue sounds go to when they die. Analogue percussion heaven, full of intriguing sounds you might find from banging on one too many pieces of scrapyard metal. The music is entirely what you might expect from a low budget four track release, light on the end musical talent, high on signal to noise ratio and perversely distorted lyrics. The music as a whole doesn't seem to have a message of any kind and seem to more written as musical experiment by the artist. The overall tone of the music while stylistically very unique, seems to be lacking in any sense of catch or hook. Perhaps the band should try to find some stable ground upon which to base their musical overtures or face the risk of never finding a listenership.

Clark Ov Saturn
2701 W. 32nd Ave #6
Denver, CO 80211

E-mail: clarkovsaturn@ouray.cudenver.edu

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