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Various Artists: Electro-cution

  1. Assemblage 23 - The Drowning Season
  2. Terminal - Emotionless
  3. Manhole Vortex - Superhuman Machines
  4. Crying Room - Forgive Me (vox)
  5. Rod Logic - RL Server
  6. Killing Floor - Ecosystem [tobias mix]
  7. Black Dahlia - Quatrain
  8. Slingin' Zingers - Junebug Poutine
  9. Sphere Lazza - Dirge
  10. Diode - Furious Sound
  11. Pounce International - Singe
  12. 162 - Outside The Mosque
  13. Daed21 - Gala
  14. Fracture - Numb
  15. Bytet - March
  16. Cult of Jester - Sock Monkey
  17. Crying Room - Epitaph 99

Electrocution is the horribly punnish name for the newest Arts Industria compilation of music in the same vein as the title. However, apart from the witty title, the music is anything but a joke. Arts Industria always seems to be able to assemble the largest and most diverse collection of independently minded artists into a cohesive package with every release. After just a quick listen is if fairly evident that not a single track on this album is anything short of brilliance. From the dark technological mood of Terminal, and the Adi Newton worship of Diode, to the sardonic lyrics of the Cult of Jester, there is track after track of unadulterated gems. However, I will be the first to admit that some of my admiration stems from the personal acquaintance of a large portion of the bands present on the compilation. This even includes a brief bias towards Cult of Jester for the appropriated lyrics of mine which were included on 'Sock Monkey'. All that aside, Arts Industria still remains as one of the prominent underground electronic labels in the US for constantly releasing quality material at a price we all can afford.

Arts Industria
23784 SR 2
South Bend, IN 46619


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