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Various Artists: Electro Shock Therapy

  1. Alexia Unloved
  2. Cult of Jester Master V.2
  3. Toxic Church Gastronomic Betrayal
  4. New Society Chains of Hell
  5. Situation Taboo Belief
  6. Kettleblack Medicine Man
  7. The Terminal Generation Suck You Down
  8. Audio Paradox Grace 1
  9. The Way Sect Bloom Illumina
  10. Blank Face Sin Disease
  11. Arbitage A.F.A.A.M.E.S.T.M.
  12. Fear of Faith Withdrawn
  13. Angst Nihil Est
  14. Neocelt Goodbye Freedom
  15. Gadget Amazing Grace

Electro Shock Therapy is a Christian industrial compilation who goal is to dispel the myth that all Christians are bible bashing rednecks and that industrial music is just for a crowd of atheistic hate mongers. The compilation does a relatively decent job of assembling a collection of artists and tracks that don't just preach religion but instead create music just like the non denominational members of society. However don't get me wrong a few rather vehement musical sermons do end up on the compilation but there are just as any tracks that have little to do with Christianity other than it being the faith of those who wrote the music.So don't think of the music as a rabid band of Jehovah's Witnesses but rather a jolly crowd of carolers out to spread a little holiday cheer. So even if you are not one of the faith open your mind a little and give this compilation a chance rather than becoming the hypocrite you accuse the Christians of being.

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P.O. Box 785
Brentwood, TN 37024-0785


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