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Einstruzende Neubauten: Ende Neu Remixes

  1. Ende Neu (Special Gomez Mix) 4:45
  2. Installation No. 1 (Barry Adamson Mix) 6:20
  3. NNNAAAMMM (Panasonic Remix) 8:28
  4. Stella Maris (Soulwax Remix) 5:34
  5. The Garden (The White Chair Remix) 5:32
  6. NNNAAAMMM (The Dark Welcome Mix) 6:04
  7. Ende Neu (Panacea Mix) 5:34
  8. Was Ist Ist (Kreidler Mix) 2:40
  9. NNNAAAMMM (Xing Mix) 6:04
  10. Die Explosion Im Festspielhaus (Techno Animal Remix) 5:03

The penultimate Industrial act returns with this collection of remixes taken from their most recent album "Ende Neu". In the past, Einstruzende Neubauten avoided remix collections in favor of remix singles, mostly due to the lack of remixable material. However, since "Ende Neu" is the most electronic release to date, it makes the most sense as a suitable victim for remix duty. For the most part, the German quartet chose to avoid the usual collection of remix wizards, and instead worked with some of the most innovative Drum'n'Bass, Techno, and Experimental artists such as Panasonic, Alec Empire, Darkus, Panacea and Techno Animal. As a result each of the remixes on this disc are drastically reworked versions, which tend to be clumped in the Power Noise genre, stylistically speaking. This includes the Panasonic remix of NNNAAAMMM which starts with a very minimalistic prologue and builds up into a noisy mess at the end, definitely a typical outing for the Finnish due. Also of note in the Panacea mix of "Ende Neu", which sounds vaguely similar to recent material by bands like Dive, P*A*L, and Speedy J, with punctuated and often caustic percussion, that, while being rather abrasive, still makes for a club playable track. All in all, this collection of "Ende Neu" remixes is amazingly good, although diehard Neubauten fans will probably scream sell-out as soon as they see John Spencer or Barry Adamson's name in the remix credits.

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