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Electric Hellfire Club: Unholy Roller

  1. Unholy Roller
  2. He Who Holds The Lightning Rod (Ranchero Mix)
  3. Prince of Darkness (Black Version)
  4. Hellfire (Cykophuk Remix)
  5. Prince of Darkness (Mutated Mix)
  6. The Root of All Evil (Bring Me the Head of Bob Larsen)
  7. Prince of Darkness (Laughing All The Way Remix)
  8. Shout At The Devil
  9. Prince of Darkness (Darkest Version)
  10. Book of Lies (Ether-eal Mix)

With the release of "Unholy Roller", I have totally lost what little respect I had for the Electric Hellfire Club. Any song that has lyrics which include 'S-A-T-A-N! He's our man! Hey!' deserves to have it's master tapes erased and the band sent to prison for violating all pretenses of good taste. The rest of the EP consists of below average remixes of tracks from the band's previous two releases "Kiss The Goat" and "Calling Dr. Luv" which are also just as tasteless and uninspired. Maybe if I knew that the Electric Hellfire Club was mocking themselves and Satanism, I could understand their puerile behavior, but I can neither confirm nor deny such rumors. As a result, I have to assume they are serious, which means they have worse showmanship than Marilyn Manson.

Electric Hellfire Club is:
Thomas Thorn - vocals, lyrics, programs, sampling
Sabrina Satana - backing vocals
Ricktor Ravensbruck - guitars

Cleopatra Records
13428 Maxella Ave #251
Marina Del Ray, CA 90292


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