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The Electric Hellfire Club: Satans Little Helpers

  1. Psychedelic Sacrifice (Say You Love Me Satan Mix)
  2. Satan's Little Helpers
  3. Mr. 44 (Sam Speaks Mix)
  4. Baptized In Blood
  5. Mr. 44 (Sean Sellers Mix)
  6. Kali On Acid (Acid Test Remix)
  7. Night Of The Buck Knives (Altamont Mix)k

With the only song I had heard by The Electric Hellfire Club being 'Violence is Golden' and how impressed with that track, I could be anything but impressed by this EP. Cheesy satan sample from everywhere in the known universe are all over this CD. It get so awful at times, I wonder why these people get paid for crap like this. All the promo material plays the band off as people who worship satan because it is against the moral majority, so what? If this is the feeble crap you put out, metal bands have been writing better satan lyrics for over twenty years. I think EHC either needs to rethink where it wants to go with it's music, or give up, and do something slightly more constructive with their lives.

The Electric Hellfire Club are:
Thomas Thorn - vocals, lyrics, programs, sampling, etc
Rev. Dr. Luv - samplers, synthesizers, organ and piano
Richard Frost - electronic drums, percussion & programs
Sabrina Satana - vocals, go-go boots
Otto Mattix - diabolical sound and infernal devices

The Electric Hellfire Club
P.O. Box 4170
Kenosha, WI 53141

The Electric Hellfire Club
c/o Cleopatra Records
8726 Sepulveda Blvd
Suite D-82
Los Angelos, CA 90045


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