Album Cover

Eco-Hed: Eco-Hed

  1. Here We Are
  2. Floating
  3. Panic in Needle Park
  4. Singularity
  5. Matramoros
  6. Somthin' Somthin'
  7. Suitability
  8. A.K.A.
  9. Kojack
  10. Demi Does...
  11. El Padre
  12. Flight Deck

Eco-Hed is the first musical endeavor by Van Christie since the break-up of Die Warzau. Alongside Van on this funky journey is Chicago House phenomenon Matt Warren. As a result, this album has a very urban groove to to it with only tacit comparisons to old school Electro. Most of the music ventures into the rarely explored regions between House and Techno that most musicians consider taboo. This is where the funk skills of master programmer Van Christie are right at home. The album has a certain vibe and groove to it that would make most Hip-Hop artists cringe in abject worship. The only departure from this mood on the album is 'Suitability' which consists of a large monologue by the infamous Charles Manson with some of the most deft rhetoric in history. While I am unsure as to the point of this monologue, it does serve as a excellent pause before the music drives one back onto the dance floor.

Eco-Hed is: Van Christie & Matt Warren

Positron Records
2702 N. Mozart
Chicago, IL 60647


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