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Various Artists: Echo

  1. Three Tragic Myths - Blossom
  2. Meacham & POD - Eden (Wendy's Song)
  3. Division #9 - Dub Altar
  4. Perceptual Outer Dimensions - Surya
  5. Zia - Space-Time
  6. Apraxia - Hypnotize
  7. Shinjuku Filth - Afraid of the Aesthetic
  8. LAShTAL - The Fall
  9. C17H19NO3 - Passion Vessel
  10. Ipecac Loop - Out From Under
  11. Self Organizing System - Pole
  12. Black Rain - Night City Ambient
  13. Chemlab - Pink

Echo is a the label sampler for the Fifth Column Records spinoff label Full Contact Records which now focuses on ambient, techno, & jungle music. Almost all of the tracks on this compilation are exclusive and appear nowhere else which makes this a must have for serious completists. There isn't a single letdown track on the whole record with stellar performances turned in by Ipecac Loop, C17H19NO3, Shinjuku Filth & Zia. Some of the more intriguing pieces are the spoken word experimental track by Chemlab and the quirky LAShTAL track (which incidently was the title of the first Current 93 release). If this compilation is a solid indication of the future of the Full Contact Records roster then it appears it will be a stellar success.

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, DC 20044
(202) 783-0044


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