Evolution Control Committee: The Mall

This particular release from ECC is one huge juxtaposed piece of consumer commercialism contained in one 50 minute wonder of cassette, and packaged in a mall chainstore paper bag, complete with store pamphlets, and handy ECC receipt for this product of $4. The theme of this wondrous collage of noisebits is, you guessed it, _The Mall_. Quirky interviews with grocery store managers about humorous anecdotes involving customers, bits of noise, the de-evolution of muzak, men shopping in lingerie stores, and the destruction of the last mall litter the soundwaves.

Mark G's wonderful style of inane telephone interviews, stylistic display of found sound, and mildly amusing short lyrical pieces of entrepreneurial angst, cascade his wildly talented array of gadgets and recording gear that has made his multimedia shows famous in small net communities. Most humorous material, even the last 5 minutes of the tape is not complete without an advertisement and a short playing of just about everything Mark's ever released to date. If you own anything else by ECC, and you enjoy the way Negativland uses and abuses sampling, you'll enjoy this tape.

The Evolution Control Committee
P.O. Box 10391
Columbus, OH 43201

E-mail: ecc@gnu.ai.mit.edu

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