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Earthboys: Effigy

  1. Porte Des Morts - 11:58
  2. Aztalan 7:55
  3. Drumlin 9:12
  4. Driftless 10:47
  5. Tension Zone 9:28
  6. Schenk's Corners 12:53
  7. Little Blue Stem 8:55

The Earthboys, better known as Thomas Ferrella and Kevin Schaefer compose a very ethnically driven band of Ambient music. Apart from a single synthesizer, they composed all of the music on this album with technology challenged instrumentation. This includes Tambura, Djembe, Flutes, Tibetan Water Bowls, Clarinet, Saxophone and the human voice. They recorded all of the music live in an improvisational settings to a two track allowing for a great deal of warmth and life to the music. I am reminded greatly of Voice of Eye, who also avoid the use of technology in their compositions. All of the elements retain a very organic feel, including the synthesizers which are either analog in design or in programming. "Effigy" is an album perfect for losing oneself after a long day working on computers. It highlights the simplistic beauty of natural instrumentation.

Earthboys are: Thomas Ferrella & Kevin Schaefer

P.O. Box 101
Chelsea, MI 48118


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