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Various Artists: The Elements Series Volume Two - Earth

  1. Fork - Quarantine
  2. Auntie Horror Film - Ziggurat (Dutatis Mix)
  3. Doppler 20:20 - Codon
  4. Rautam - Snowstorm
  5. Funkturm - Memento
  6. Zoviet France - With Us Today
  7. Telematic Nomads - Y'Densh, A Black Inwards Spiral
  8. Operation Mind Control - Hands Up
  9. Vulse - Phoboes
  10. Apollon - The Slug
  11. Zoviet France - Sucking The Instrument
This compilation is the second in a series of four which has collected a variety of tracks all which contain some component that is conducive the the classical element of earth. However, it is difficult to ascertain exactly what constituents of a track qualify it as containing earthy elements. My best guess is that none of the tracks contain anything that might suggest a water, air, or fire connotation, and as such have been relegated to earth. In any case, this compilation has put together a loosely related set of tracks by a a number of classical and experimental industrial artists, none of which I have ever heard of before, outside of Zoviet France. All of the tracks are purely instrumental and are totally devoid of vocal arrangements of any kind. They vary from a random collection of percussion and found sound, to more of a structured looped environment. Each track also seems to maintain a sort of undetermined ethnic significance that I can't quit seem to identify as well. It is those common set of traits that accumulated these tracks in the first place and from which the earth definition was derived.

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