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e.BOLA: Acid Is Groovy

  1. Kill, Baby Kill
  2. Another Bad Day
  3. Shutdown
  4. Whore
  5. Kill, Baby Kill (mindflux murder mix)
  6. Acid is Groovy (live)
  7. Down
  8. Shutdown (scratch demo mix)
  9. Never Ending Love Song (live jam)

e.BOLA is the guitar accentuated side project from the same people who brought you mindFluxFuneral, drone and hex80. This time the music has taken an aggression turn for the best and with the addition of a live guitarist into the mix the resultant mayhem can only be seen as a forthcoming sign of the apocalypse. This rough collection of mixes, finished studio material and live jams result in tight musical diversity which is usually absent when most musicians attempt to add guitar for the first time over their previously austere electronic compositions. If anything the guitar has added to the previous other violent elements and thereby emphasizes the already insane mood of the music. One small detracting element are the lyrics which seem to focus one single facet of killing and death. Usually the lyrics seem to breathe a new degree of life to the music but instead this time the sheer repetitive nature of the ideas being presented over and over again act as a detractor. They seem to clutter the music with an unnecessary negative climate and perhaps should be rethought prior to a final release of this project. Other than the disparate nature of the vocals, the music itself remain right on target like all the other projects released by NUM Factory.

e.BOLA: is
Tony Smith - composing, arranging, programming, samples and vocals
Jason Prost - samples, percussion, engineering
Bill (Dread) - guitars, backing vocals

NUM Factory
P.O. Box 545
Oak Park, IL 60303-545
(708) 445-8565


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