Album Cover

Dystopia One: Attempted Mustache

  1. Start
  2. All Cops Are Dicks
  3. Poster Boy For Cheese
  4. (Buy Back)
  5. Skinheads Don't Get Hathead
  6. The Syndrome
  7. Sewer Side Groin
  8. Heaven
  9. The Power Of Ipecac
  10. Dead Bug Cemetery
  11. Bronson Not Brosnan
  12. Dating Is Prostitution
  13. Stalker
  14. Big D

After the unfortunate collapse of None of The Above Records early in 1996, Dystopia One have rebounded by finding themselves a new label rather quickly. This time they have chosen to add a few oddly tuned guitars to their music which has given them a bit of a grunge flavor. I really don't understand the lurid fascination with an out of tune bass guitar that warbles and drones out the rest of the music. Half of the music becomes buried under the feedback and resultant fuzz factor and makes the rest of the music almost meaningless. Dystopia One have left their industrial roots totally behind on this new album and only maintain some ancestry with the noise fundamentalists out of Japan with the feedback and cacophony. However there is one saving grace on this album, that ultimately lies in a creative destruction of a once annoying Bryan Adams track. If you've ever truly hated the cheesiness of Bryan Adams pop sensibility than you'll get a kick out of this ritual torture of his music. I broke out in a fit of laughter when I first heard this track and I think you will as well. There is always something to be said for a band that goes out of it's way to destroy pop art in such a manner although I'm at a true loss of words from the rest of the album to explain how or why.

Dystopia One are:
Baz Turd - vocals, keyboards, f/x
Mr.Hymson - drums
Jonny Cock - fuzz bass #1
Decline - fuzz bass #2

Rawkus Entertainment
65 Reade St
Suite 2B
New York, NY 10007
(212) 566-3160


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