Dysphoria: Shadows and Deliverance

Lying amongst the rubbish of many a no talent signed band is this diamond in the rough, Dysphoria. Developing music from multiple sources and combining it into a finite product. The end result being not ambience or noise, or even dance. Rather Dysphoria has created an odd mix between some very mellow XMTP tracks and several Mentallo & The Fixer tracks but with a very little bass and more orchestration. Lyrics appear in random places and instead Dysphoria focuses it's talent on it's music. A rather amazing piece of work from a band with hand made tape cases cut from the bible and samples from some of the most bizarrely creative areas to date. If you enjoy music for the sheer enjoyment of the music itself and unspoken power behind it get this now.

all tracks written, produced, recorded, and mixed by dr. c. morpheus '94
*new material written, recorded, '95

E-mail: cmmoore@oyster.smcm.edu

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