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Dead Voices On Air: How Hollow Heart

  1. Mourning Songs
  2. Jievoao
  3. Ralbag
  4. My Wreath Is Of Red Jewels
  5. vuls - Credne

This particular Dead Voices On Air release contains several firsts. It marks both the first time the Mark Spybey has deviated from going solo and has added a new member to the project and the first time that both live and samples vocal material appears on a DVOA release. Both of these items seem to sum up much of the obvious stylistic change present on this release. Absent are the short sound experimentation techniques from the past and in their place are a new array of musical procedures. Now before anyone panics, these changes have not drastically altered the DVOA project beyond it's intentions, but rather has accentuated some of the areas where Mark Spybey had yet to touch upon while working along. The music is still very experimental in nature with a focus on ambience and odd percussion. However it has been allow to evolve to a another level with the addition of the new member which can only signal more positive changes for the future of the project.

Dead Voices On Air is: Mark Spybey & Sheldon Drake

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60616


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