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Dead Voices On Air: Shap

  1. Godesandah
  2. Aetsomne
  3. Heaoo-Grim
  4. Ant-Point
  5. Geosceaft
  6. Paet Flag
  7. Eadiglice
  8. Reference
  9. Sha Bu Yah
  10. Swan Reflex
  11. Sibes Werig
  12. From the Intelligence of Swans
  13. Scan Reflex
  14. Wael-Fagne Winter
  15. Mer-Faran
  16. Papa Papa Repe Wax
  17. Gesah
  18. Hafted Maul
  19. Western-Wardoe
  20. Mer-Nord
  21. Papa Papa Paet Flag

Mark Spybey returns with his third album in less than a year under the moniker of Dead Voices on Air. This time instead of releasing an album composed of several long drawn out tracks, he has chosen to compose a diverse selection of much shorter tracks. Mark has also shyed away from the previous notion of subtle ambient texturing towards a more experimental sound. He tends to focus more upon the delicate intricacies of reworking a single sequence or sample for the entirety of a track by varying such things as the pitch and wavelength in order to expand the contextual depth of each unique sound. The track titles and vocals still drawn heavily upon such languages as Olde English, Latin, Greek, and Sanskrit to name but a few. Absent for the first time from a Dead Voices on Air release cEVIN Key instead Mark has preferred to compose the majority of the tracks completely on his own with only the aid of Zev Asher, Martin Atkins, and Curse Mackey on two of the tracks. Mark has yielded yet another exquisite aural masterpiece which has this time has fully exploited his unique fascination with experimental sound alteration beyond the scope than any of his previous releases.

Dead Voices On Air is: Mark Spybey

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60616


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