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Dead Voice On Air: Hafted Maul

  1. Digging Stick
  2. Vers
  3. Tyme Tryeth Truth
  4. To Which Heart
  5. Urasia Circ. (excerpt)
  6. Madrid Codex
  7. Eeoraen
  8. Caoith
  9. Dockwood
  10. Saecoli
  11. Seminary
  12. Papa Papa Bata Kolm
  13. L'udito

Although "Hafted Maul" was chronologically released first, it technically was the second Dead Voices on Air release, as "New Words Machine" on Cleopatra Records was the true DVOA debut album. If one has the luxury of owning all three DVOA releases they can play them all back to back and will begin to notice the obvious movement from a long drawn out ambient orchestral arrangement towards a more finite level of sample deconstruction and manipulation. "Hafted Maul" lies tettering on the edge of both musical voids and as such utilizes excerpts from both schools of compositional style. As a result both extremely short and tenuously long arrangements exist next to each other on the album developing a sort of epochal wave form which lulls the listener into a ambient veil of seduction just long enough to throw them kicking and screaming into the abyss of cacophony which lies at the reciprocating end of the bell curve. "Hafted Maul" by far exhibits the most diverse range of musical elements that Mark Spybey has available to him and thereby ends up standing out as a glimmering icon amongst his other solo work.

Dead Voices On Air is: Mark Spybey

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60616


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