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Various Artists: Dust To Dust

  1. Gone West 7:27
  2. A Daze Wage 6:13
  3. A Bigger Sky 3:19
  4. The Ribbon Rails of Promise 10:53
  5. First Sunrise 4:27
  6. Lost and Forgotten 10:44
  7. Snake Eyes 5:35
  8. Rain and Creosote 5:02
  9. Ghost Train 7:29

Conceptually the focus of this collaboration between Steve Roach and Roger King is a historic Western theme. To that effort, the duo incorporates many classic elements derived from the period of the American settling of the Wild West. Tracks like 'Rattler' and 'Ghost Train' are obvious references to the poisonous bane on the cowboy who forgot to check his boot, or the stable travel route across the rugged plain country. Other tracks such as 'Gone West' or 'First Sunrise' evoke moods based similar experiences by some of the early American pioneers. "Dust to Dust" sure brings back memories of my childhood, although in a radically different manner that you might expect. I never spent much time playing Cowboys and Indians, but spent a great deal of time iconizing some of my own self-made heroes in role play gamings. "Dust to Dust" still holds a common theme with the heroic concepts that I attempted to uphold while I ran screaming through the forest of Michigan brandishing a freshly carved spear to fight off mythical villains.

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