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Drumatic: Reactions

  1. Whirly Possessions 5:37
  2. Secret Voodoo 6:49
  3. Blister 4:36
  4. Portion 5:28
  5. Earth As in Heaven 4:22
  6. World Corrode 3:42
  7. Endorphin's Ache 3:09
  8. A Dawn's Dream 6:24
  9. The After Crunch 7:03
  10. Eternal Motion 5:32
  11. Tragique Ouverture 8:07

Although stickers on the album state that Drumatic contains former members of Caterwaul, it is the additional dozen other members, production assistants and live engineers that make this album work. Drumatic breaks the eleven track album into three section. The first is titled "Reactions" and contains spoken word selections over thickly arranged electronics and percussion. The second "Live" section of this record performed at Lumpy Gravy in Los Angeles on May 27, 1997 makes up the core of the album. Audience interaction plays a large role alongside the blistering drums and odd percussion that portray the band as the electronic equivalent of a modern drum circle. I guess that explains why the band chose Drumatic as their name. The final section of the album labeled "Otherwise", consists of atmospherics pieces with sparse percussions and minimal electronic filler. The best compositions on "Reactions" are the live sections which translate so well onto the CD medium as to make the audience feel a part of the performance. Truly a well produced and well arranged release.

Tone Casualties
1258 North Highland Ave
Hollywood, CA 90038


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