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Various Artists: Drug Test Vol 3

  1. Bagman - Bosh
  2. Brits out of America - What I Want
  3. DVOA vs. Not Breathing - Nord Hasp
  4. Ammer Einheit - Spechmaschine
  5. Lab Report - Figure Q-75
  6. Not Breathing - Emprov Aceed Garbosh
  7. Phylr - Circumference
  8. Pigface - Burundi
  9. Psychic TV - Stick Insect (Monitor Mix)
  10. RIOU - Play With Sampler
  11. Scorn - Beat 2 Mix
  12. Sheep on Drugs - Life is Just a Game (Phylr Mix)
  13. Test Dept - The Drifter

The third in the Drug Test series of compilations by Invisible Records operates as more of a label sampler than it's predecessors. The majority of the material present on this single disc can be found elsewhere on already released albums, or on forthcoming projects due out shortly. However, this is not to say that the music is anything short of stellar. Whether the material is the new solo project by Lee of Sheep on Drugs, with it's tongue in cheek title of Bagman, a rare improvised Not Breathing track or a taste of the first new Test Dept. album in several years, this compilation is sure to have something for everyone. Regardless of what music you listen to, you will find something that appeals to you from the German performance art of Ammer Einheit, to the calculated ambient dub structures of Phylr, and even a little bit of analogue keyboard noodling with RIOU. Once again Invisible Records has lived up to it's slogan of "Independence and Strength through Diversity" with the wide variety of musical styles and artists on it's roster.

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60618


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