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Drown: Product of a Two Faced World

  1. You Never Listened
  2. The Day I Walked Away
  3. 1605 (For My Suffering)
  4. Kerosene
  5. Tired of Living Like This
  6. Alone in a Dirty World
  7. Redial
  8. My Private War
  9. Need This Need
  10. The Dirtiest Hand
  11. Two Faced You
  12. Monster

Drown is one of the few Slipdisc bands smart enough to not enlist the skills of Neil Kernon who mixes electronics to the point of obsolescence. However, the key reason for this production move wasn't intentional, but that Drown completed the album a long time prior to its release. Legal, technical, and personal squabbles hilight the apt album title of "Product of a Two Faced World" The downtrodden lyrics and angstful compositions echo these same sentiments. Guitar still remains the instrument of choice for the band, but they still retain a healthy respect for electronics that serve as an excellent compliment to the stringed melodies. Overall, the best element of this album is the vocal work of Lauren who freely transitions between rapping rhythm, restrained harmony and potent bellows. He breathes life and substance into the music that, while strong in its own merit, would not be the same without him.

Drown is:
Lauren - Vocals
Marco Forcone - Drums
Patrick Sprawl - Guitar
Sean E. Demott - Bass

Slipdisc Records
101 W. Grand Ste.#600
Chicago, IL 60610


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