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DR:OP:FR:AM+E: New Society

  1. St. Vincent 8:32
  2. C.ontrolled F.light I.nto T.errain
  3. Seventy Nine Nine
  4. Two Hours
  5. Killing of a Chinese Monkey
  6. Bad:Angel
  7. -GERM-

Taking a nod from such dub masters as Scorn, DR:OP:FR:AM+E mix slow, calculating drum beats, obscure samples, and subtle atmospheres. The music is at times ploddingly slow while at others blindingly fast. Yet, the music always remains stark and minimal as if trying to make the most of minimal number of musical elements. The only vocals on the album belong to samples from such diverse sources as answering machines, political propaganda, classic and modern films. This includes some of my favorite lines from "The Prophecy" on 'Bad:Angel'. My only complaint with this seven song demo is that while it wanders all over slow, mid and uptempo arrangements, the tracks are not sequenced in an order that flows well. It is my opinion, at least, that it is a bit jarring to double a cadence between tracks without any type of real transition.

P.12456 Memorial, Box 464
Houston, TX 77024


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