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Dream The Illusion: Mind Vibe Jams (the early sessions)

  1. Earth2O 4:04
  2. Asphyxiation 6:50
  3. Acetate 3:49
  4. Dissonant Chaos I-III 10:38
  5. Underground Procession 5:35
  6. Transcendent Realities 34:48

All of the songs on this self released tape are real time improvisations with no final mastering or sequencing. At face level this does explain the overall graininess of the music and yet it also gives it a unique character. Instead of relying on fancy equipment to achieve a crisp mix down, the band has utilized a time honored tradition of recording live directly to tape. What makes this ever more impressive is the fact that it was done with a great deal of electronic devices in concert with acoustic instruments. Dream The Illusion comes off as some sort of bizarre mix between the percussive elements of Crash Worship and the gritty thundering guitar chords of Godflesh. Every track has a rough edge around it which instead of detracting from the music, accentuates the overall mood and presentation. What little vocals present are either chanted or rasped softly as if to suggest some type of possession on the part of the artists. In essence the band is using the live element to it's fullest potential and using the pitfalls as elements of music rather than distractions which leaves me suitably impressed by the end of the cassette.

Dream The Illusion are:
Cheyne Cryonax - vox, guitar, keyboards, drums
Jonathan Never - drums, bass, keyboards
Brandon Maahs - keyboard
Justin Fifth - bass, guitar

Dream The Illusion
6125 SW 32nd
Portland, OR 97201
(503) 246-2418


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