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Dream Into Dust: A Prison For Oneself

  1. Dance of The Dead
  2. Once Upon a Time
  3. A Prison For Oneself

This special limited edition Dream Into Dust release contains three tracks which span a 7" and one side of a cassette. Titled "A Prison For Oneself" and conceptually inspired by the thirty year anniversary of the first episode of The Prisoner, makes this record/cassette combination quite a novelty item. Artistically speaking, the tracks are spilt across the media for more of a musical reason rather than thematically. The first two tracks which appear on the 7" are inspired by the television episode and contain no samples or derived themes, while the single track on the cassette was written in an attempt to duplicate the theme music without performing an actual cover. Obviously the line between the two is thinly drawn, meant more for aesthetic issues rather than technical ones.

The music itself is very similar to the first Dream Into Dust EP, with a broad cross-section of instrumentation highlighted on each track. Traditional ethnic instruments once again share common ground with more digitally oriented music-making devices in a very complementary manner. Dream Into Dust is certainly a band that would fit into the Projekt or 4AD catalogue quite nicely if offered the opportunity while still maintaining enough originality as to avoid sounding like any of their current rosters.

My sole complaint with this release is that while the artists go out of their way to package a truly unique release, the packaging itself hampers my ability as the listener to enjoy the release in a single location. Because of the media used, I am relegated to always listening to "A Prison For Oneself" on my home stereo system because they still haven't invented a turntable that works in an automobile.

Dream Into Dust is: Derek Rush, Patrick Hogan, and Bryin Dall

Chthonic Streams
P.O. Box 7003
New York, NY 10116-7003


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