Album Cover

Dream Into Dust: No Man's Land

  1. The Lost Crusade
  2. Age of Delirium
  3. Dissolution
  4. Seasons in The Mist

Dream Into Dust is the new project by the man who brought you December on Waking Dream Records. For whatever reason, the band and label dissolved and reformed into Dream Into Dust with the addition of a few additional members as Chthonic Stream Records. Musically one can follow the musical progression from December to Dream Into Dust quite easily. The varying array of percussion and uniquely crafted samples are still present and the lyrics are in the same depressive vein. Yet the overall mood of the music has changed from a morbid percussion Folk vein to more of a Darkwave to Ambient noise style. As a result the band places less emphasis on their vocals and more on the programming and composition of the music. There is a much finer detail in all of the sound elements on each track along with a very crisp production to the entire EP. Fans of previous December material as well as those who enjoy most releases on Projekt Records are sure to enjoy this all too short release.

Dream Into Dust is: Derek Rush, Patrick Hogan, and Bryin Dall

Chthonic Streams
P.O. Box 7003
New York, NY 10116-7003


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