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Download: The Eyes of Stanley Pain

  1. Suni C
  2. Possession
  3. The Turin Cloud
  4. Glassblower
  5. It Sein Influence
  6. Base Metal
  7. Collision
  8. Sidewinder
  9. Outafter
  10. Killfly
  11. Separate
  12. Seven Plagues
  13. Fire The Ground (Puppy Gristle Part 1)
  14. The Eyes of Stanley Pain

You'd think that with the astounding release schedule that Download has arranged for itself that the music would begin to suffer from delusions of grandeur and slip into recursive state but it simply has not been the case. If anything the music has become more diverse and has pushed the envelope of the electronic music genre beyond the boundaries that most sane artists would have stopped short at years ago. Instead the this uncanny quartet of musicians with more than a half centurys of musical talent between them have once again astounded us. Download refuses to be stalwartly classified within one particular genre and would rather be content to explode forth from the hallowed confines which I as a reviewer might normally try to impose upon them. The few lyrics that are used are nothing less than exposes which explore the inner cinema of the soul. Those of weak hearts and minds who cannot grasp change are kindly asked to stay home lest they be thrown into paraplegic spasms from violent time signature changes and innovative use of the absence of sound to complete the composed pieces of music. Once again Download has redefined the way we should look at conventional electronic music pointing towards a distant horizon where the stand waiting for a brief moment the rest of the world to catch up.

Nettwerk Records
632 Broadway
Suite 301
New York, NY 10016
(212) 477-8198


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