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Download: Sidewinder

  1. Sidewinder (remix)
  2. Glassblower (remix)
  3. Base Metal (remix)
  4. Chalice
  5. Shemaesin
  6. I M 5
  7. Attallal (remix by Haujobb)
  8. Sidewinder Snake
  9. Lenge T'agn

"Sidewinder" is a prelude to the kiss of the new Download album "The Eyes of Stanley Pain", and what a satisfying lip lock it is. The EP consists of four remixes that appear in their original form, both from the forthcoming Download album as well as older material, four brand new tracks, and a remix of the title track that might as well be a new track because very little of the original version remains in the final mixdown. Absent is Genesis P-Ooridge with the vocal work entirely being written by Mark Spybey who this time around tries his hand at English lyrics instead of the usual European lingual derivatives. "Sidewinder" contains the most contrasting and diverse material of an Download release to date. Instead of utilizing some of the diverse ethnic techno as before, there is greater stress on sample manipulation, vocal work and transition development. The music rarely stages within one particular meter throughout a track preferring instead to change across the breadth of the work slowly. All these signs point to a strong developmental growth between album even if release schedule has been quite a fast and frantic one for the band. The full length album should be quite a monumental masterpiece if this EP is any indication.

Download is: cEVIN Key, Dwayne R. Goettel, Mark Spybey & Ken Marshall

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