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Download: Microscopic

  1. Omniman (remix)
  2. Attalal (remixed by Biosphere)
  3. Motherssonne (remixed by Newt)
  4. Noh Mans Lands V
  5. Microscopic
  6. Noh Mans Visit
  7. Energy Plan
  8. Papa Papa Mula Cwm

This EP consists of mostly dance remixes from 'Furnace' and three new tracks for a total of eight tracks. 'Microscopic' was released within only months of the premiere album in order that some of the more accessible remixes might gain club play. I've heard through the grapevine that cEVIN KEY apparently wants to release yet another full length Download album in March but Cleopatra wants to slow the release schedule a little bit in order to make sure the market can handle bear the load, but if the sales figures are anywhere close to what I've heard I don't think that there will be a problem selling anymore albums. The fans have waited almost three years for a new Skinny Puppy related release, with the exception of Dead Voices on Air, and they can't seem to resist the urge to purchase this side project both for the musical appeal and to support the memorial dedication to Dwayne Goettel. 'Microscopic' takes advantage of the new jewel case cover design that was originated with 'Furnace'. This cover is a 'Microscopic' view of three flea like insects on a patch of hair. The music on the EP is exactly along the same lines as the first album and remixed tracks for the most part have thundering bass lines that should appeal to the club crowd. Not something a Skinny Puppy fan should afford to miss.

Download is: Dwayne Goettel, cEVIN Key, Mark Spybey, Philth & Genesis P-Orridge

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd Ste. D-82
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