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Doubting Thomas: Father Don't Cry

  1. Father Don't Cry (Extended) 8:36
  2. T.H.C. 4:36
  3. Turn A New Leaf 8:17
  4. Excrement 5:59
  5. Movie 13 3:17
  6. That Problem Child 4:15
  7. Majickal Horse 2:23
  8. Come In Peace 4:00

Are you one of those people who incessantly whines about missing that one obscure single from a fairly non-mainstream act until your friends threaten to disown you? Well, you can finally quit complaining and pick up the reissued version of Doubting Thomas's 'Father Don't Cry' single the next time you are out shopping. Lucky for you, the new version contains all of the original tracks from the hard to find WaxTrax single as well as two new tracks; 'T.H.C.' and 'Majickal Horse'. Oddly enough, it also contains 'Come in Piece' as well which was the final track off the only Doubting Thomas album "The Infidel", in its original form. The artwork and the format of the single has also been changed in order to avoid confusion between the two releases, this time favoring a digi-pak packaging. For those of you only picking up the single for the two new tracks, you might as well save your money unless you are a completist as these tracks were outtakes from old Doubting Thomas material for a reason.

Doubting Thomas is: cEvin Key, Dwayne Goettel & David Ogilvie

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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