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Various Artists: Dora Blue The Ras Dva Fanbase Compilation

  1. Intro Ras Dva/Kevorkian Death Cycle
  2. Kevorkian Death Cycle - Kill for Christ (Remix)
  3. Ryan Gribin Interview
  4. Kevorkian Death Cycle - Swallow
  5. Roger Jarvis Interview
  6. Kevorkian Death Cycle - Discipline
  7. Introduction Benestrophe
  8. Benestrophe - D.C.O.
  9. Gary Dassing Interview
  10. Benestrophe - Dog Lab (Remix)
  11. Dwayne Dassing Interview
  12. Benestrophe - Sleep Tonight (Remix)
  13. Rich Mendez Interview
  14. Introduction Jihad
  15. Jihad - Flying Dutchman
  16. James Mendez Interview
  17. Jihad - Hands that Hide (Remix)
  18. Rich Mendez Interview
  19. Jihad - Shades of Grey
  20. Introduction for Bonus Tracks
  21. Pinworm - Acetone
  22. Negative Format - Placid Glass

Not only does this compilation contain exclusive tracks and remixes by Kevorkian Death Cycle, Benestrophe & Jihad, but it also includes short interview excerpts with members of each band and to bonus tracks by new Ras Dva artists. Unlike like most advertised compilations the material present on this CD indeed appears nowhere else and in unique to this release. So the audience ends up reaping the benefits twice from both the music and the interviews. The only tacky portion of the album is the computer generated voice that announces each interviewee and band but that is easily overlooked when compared to the distinctive nature of all the other items present. Each of the interviews are short and to the point with band members appearing to be reading from a pre-written script in order to avoid an unnecessary errors or mistakes. At any rate this fan oriented release should make many a music enthusiast extremely happy.

Ras Dva Records
407 Vine St
Suite 272
Cincinnati, OH 45202-2806


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