Album Cover

Do Or Die: The Best of

  1. Psychoburbia
  2. Time Zero
  3. Fire
  4. Will Of The Wind
  5. Dance Or Die
  6. Hearth of Silence

Having initially first heard Do or Die on the Machinery compilation I was expecting more of the wonderful vocalics, catchy lyrics, and powerful dance industrial music, but as I listened to this collection of singles I quickly became to realize that 'Time Zero' was a sheer fluke and this band was yet another one hit wonder. Beyond the one track the music was mindless, repetitive, and very boring. However with any luck perhaps a new album and not this collection of singles will harbor a future for this band. I hate to think that the sheer power behind one single track is all a band can produce in its lifetime.

Do Or Die are:
A.N.G.O. - Keyboards & Guitar
Wagner - Vocals

Machinery Records
292 S. LaCienga Blvd
Suite 103
Beverly Hills, CA 90211


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