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Dominion: Only The Strong Survive

  1. Only The Strong Survive
  2. Anti-Mantra
  3. Letting Go
  4. Exodus from Rwanda
  5. The Fugitive Kind
  6. ...the Strong Survive
  7. Supply and Demand
  8. Juno Talks
  9. Requiem
  10. Into the Valley
  11. Only the Strong...

What do you mean you haven't heard of the newest Metropolis act Dominion? If the name Data Bank A sounds familiar to you, then relax as both projects are the solo efforts of the same individual, Andrew Kovat. Unfortunately I have a feeling that the name Dominion is not going to remain around long if the music on "Only The Strong Survive" is any indication. To put it simply, this debut is boring. None of the tracks could even remotely be played at any clubs because they are either way to slow to be considered Industrial or they lack a solid melody that would make them Gothic. Luckily, Dominion isn't a Synth-Pop act either because the music simply isn't that cliche enough for that. Musically the album lies right between Electro and Darkwave without including any of the positive elements of either genre. It's not to say that the album is bad, but it is simply too melancholy, simplistic and and low-tempo to make it palatable for most listeners.

Dominion is: Andrew Szava Kovat

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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