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Various Artists: Document 01

  1. Melbourne University Dept. of Zoology - Ranidella Signifera
  2. Hanging Garden - Red Garden
  3. Synapse Interrupt - Beyond
  4. Garry Havrillay - The Killing Jar
  5. Shinjuku Filth - Afraid of the Aesthetic
  6. Suntoy - Suntoy
  7. The DNA Lounge - Wrap Around Eyes
  8. Zen Paradox - Between The APO Kayan and the Infinite
  9. TCH - (A View) From Babel Over Babylon
  10. Soma - Nightsoil
  11. Loggerhead - Strategic Womb
  12. Paul Schutze - The Heart That Fades

Document 01 is a domestic reissue of the first ever release on the Australian Doboro label by Full Contact Records the new techno jungle division of Fifth Column Records. While the compilation is labeled as a trance tribal release, the majority of the tracks seem to simply be an electronic diversion for many of today's prominent experimental musicians. On one hand it is rare to see such notable talent as Paul Schutze and Franc Tetaz toying around with instruments more commonly associated with gabba and rave arists. While on the other hand it shows that classical trained musicians with the proper equipment can compose extraordinarily complex arrays of electronic music that would be at home not only on a dance floor but also as easy listening music for experimental enthusiasts. A music purchaser now has to be careful to label techno as mindless derivative of the electronic music scene with no infusion of talent because it is no longer the truth. Once obtrusive experimentalists are now trying their hand in a new realm of music once reserved for the puerile and untalented and are progressing the techno to a level no one ever thought it could obtain. Definitely be on the watch out for a new underground movement of distinguished music professionals composing in a more modern style of music soon.

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, D.C. 20044


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