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DJ? Acucrack: Mutants of Sound

  1. High 1:00
  2. Allegra 6:18
  3. Swollen With Glee 6:33
  4. Lust in Space 4:43
  5. Nation State (Parts 1 and 2) 10:54
  6. Bitch Universal 7:53
  7. Road Speed Governor 2:27
  8. Get In Me 6:50
  9. You're Not The Fastest Ship... 6:17
  10. Strobe 2:50
  11. Scientists Playing God 4:46

After tantalizing us with multiple remixes of Acumen Nation tracks, and an excellent debut single, DJ? Acucrack finally grace us with a full length release in the form of "Mutants of Sound". Consisting of eight full length tracks and three filler pieces in the vein of Chemlab's 'sutures', "Mutants of Sounds" rounds out with just around an hour of material. The electronics on this album are all over the spectrum from classic EBM and Electro to more modern Drum'n'Bass and IDM. Diehard Techno fans probably label DJ? Acucrack as a passing fad due to their desire to not pigeonhole themselves in a specific genre, although I would be more apt to call them innovative for the same reasons. In fact, only the eleven minute long anthem 'Nation State' begins to approach being repetitive as the music deals more with change than with any specific constant. Ultimately, this makes for a pleasurable listen since you have no idea what style of music DJ? Acucrack are going to throw into the mix next.

DJ Acucrack is: Jason Novak & Jamie Duffy

Slipdisc Records
101 W. Grand Ste.#600
Chicago, IL 60610


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