DJ? Acucrack: Nation State

  1. Nation State (Shorty Mix) 5:20
  2. Its More Fun To Compute 3:15
  3. Bitch Universal 7:59
  4. Neophyte 3:55
  5. Time For You To Leave 5:57

Just to spite all of the critics who have said that Acumen Nation uses too many guitars in their music, Jason Novak and Jamie Duffy have persuaded Slipdisc Records to create a new sublabel called Lost in Bass just to release their new Techno project aptly named DJ? Acucrack. As one might expect, DJ? Acucrack is a totally electronic project created to thumb it's nose in the direction of all Electro-purists. 'Nation State' is a five song single that is meant to simply offer a taste of what will appear on the debut DJ? Acucrack album due out later this year. For the most part the tracks on this single are rather run of the mill Trance influenced Electronia, with just a hint of atmosphere in places. The surprise track on this CD is none other than a cover version of Kraftwerk's 'Its More Fun to Compute', with it's updated sound and poignantly chosen samples. Overall 'Nation State' is a rather uninspiring collection of Techno tracks that while they would work well in the middle of a club mix, somehow they fail to measure up when played in a home stereo.

DJ Acucrack is: Jason Novak & Jamie Duffy

Slipdisc Records
101 W. Grand Ste.#600
Chicago, IL 60610


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