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D!v!s!on #9: Dub'n'Bass Omen II

  1. Righteous Muzik
  2. Ez Jazzy
  3. Nousexcuse
  4. This One (Educate)
  5. Omen II
  6. Dis Is It
  7. Always Now Forever
  8. Dread Outta Control
  9. Everybody Ocean

Undaunted by the fact that Drum'n'Bass is a purely English phenomenon, mick Hale from Crocodile Shop returns with second solo effort for D!v!s!on #9. This time around, the project is being released by New Jersey's Tinman Records after the unfortunate bankruptcy of the project's former label, Fifth Column Records. Mick also shies away from the traditional Drum'n'Bass minimalism in favor of various vocal samples, keyboard spawned atmospheres and a great deal more layering than his debut effort. Ultimately, those changes make the album much easier to listen to outside of a club situation because you can actually enjoy the music without being forced into a crowded dance hall. Of course, the music is still very conducive to turntable play, assuming that a vinyl version exists, but that is more of an added bonus, in my mind, rather than a requirement. In any event, Mick Hale shows marked musical progress with the release of "Dub'n'Bass Omen II' which indicates that we have yet to experience his maximum artistic potential.

D!v!s!on #9 is: Mick Hale

Tinman Records
P.O. Box 1114
New Brunswick, NJ 08903


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