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Division #9: The True Creator

  1. The True Creator
  2. Fall Down
  3. One Five Fore!
  4. Need Love (Everybody)
  5. See The Light
  6. Time Behind
  7. Allah Wait 4 Jah
  8. Dub Altar
  9. Number Nine

Although Division #9 is supposed to be the jungle trance side project of Mick Hale from Crocodile Shop, it appears to have much more in common with experimental than any sort of club playable material. It does heavily depend on erraticly looped snippets of percussion which seems to change pace more often that the weather but it never proceeds any faster than most new age releases. In retrospect that is not necessarily a band thing. When Mick was in Crocodile Shop, I felt as if he was constraining himself by composing the same limiting track throughout the entire album, but in the case of his solo work he now feels free to work outside any type of musical boundary. This has allowed him to play around with his music and draw elements from such diverse bands as ClockDVA, Lassique Bendhaus, Cabaret Voltaire, and Aphex Twin and warp them into his own definition of music. This has created an album that while minimal trance in nature actually has more in common with the forefathers of the electro genre than with trance or jungle. It is nothing altogether new or innovative, but it something that Mick has never been able to do in the past and as a result his musical growth has more than shown through.

Division #9 is: Mick Hale

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