Album Cover

Dive: Snakedressed

  1. Snakedressed
  2. Growing Deep Inside
  3. Where Were You?
  4. Machinegun Baby
  5. Wheeping in the Dark
  6. Bloodshot Eyes
  7. Throw Myself Away
  8. Dark Room
  9. I Was There
  10. Sufferhead

Dive returns after only a short absence with "Snakedressed", which marks the first time that COP International has actually licensed a band to their label rather that signing them. This time around Dirk Ivens has enlisted the help of Ivan Iusco of Minus Habens Records and Nightmare Lodge fame. The usual noise infused, yet dance oriented tracks abound on this album and you begin to see why bands like Noisex list Dive as one of their strongest musical influences. What strikes me almost odd about this release is that many people have a tendency to list Dirk Ivens as one of the foremost Post-Industrial artists today. Personally I can't understand why simply using a rather standard bassline, overlayed with intricately woven and noisy synth patches makes anyone a well reknowned artist. Certainly the entire album is well produced and arranged, but it is certainly not anything new. The only reason I can surmise why so many people pay their respects to Dirk is that he has been around so long, and has been involved with so many projects such as The Klink, Blok 57, and Absolute Body Control to name just a few. Regardless of this, the new Dive album is a very solid, concise body of work, that while is nothing groundbreaking, is a very reputable release nonetheless.

Dive is: Dirk Ivans & Ivan Iusco

COP International
981 Aileen St
Oakland, CA 94608


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