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Dive: Reported

  1. Numb Remix - Don Gordon & David Collins
  2. Monolith Remix - Eric Van Wonterghem
  3. Die Krupps Remix - Jurgen Engler & Chris Leitz
  4. Hybryds Remix - Sandy Nys
  5. :wumpscut: Remix - Rudy R.
  6. Leaetherstrip Remix - Claus Larsen
  7. Templebeat/Meathead Remix - Paolo F. & M. Teho Teardo
  8. Starfish Pool Remix 0 Koen Lybaert

This remix EP contains eight distinctly different renditions of the original Dive track, "Reported". Eight varied and obtuse artists have been given a chance to rework the track into their own unique perception of the music. Normally, I'd be wary of such a remix collection since most artists seem to lack the talent to be able to digitally reconstruct a single track from scratch on their own, let alone with someone else material, but this EP seems to stand in a complete dichotomy to other releases. The only stalwart remnants of the track that make their way into most of the mixes are the vocals and the overused sample which appears in liner notes. The music is so diverse that it varies from ambient noise to hard core dance floor material. Each artist has gone beyond the normal realm of remixing and created a truly new piece of music which makes this short EP well worth the minimal asking price.

Dive is: Dirk Ivens:
Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, DC 20044
(202) 783-0044


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