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Various Artists: Diva X Machina II

  1. 162 - Darkness (Arena Mix)
  2. Magenta - One Mind (Radio Edit)
  3. Battery - The Betrayal (Megamix)
  4. Sabotage - No Escape (Pankow Mix)
  5. Luxt - Spite
  6. Lucid Dementia - Twisted
  7. Donna Regina - Make My Nana
  8. Clan of Xymox - Hypocrite
  9. Hanzel Und Gretyl - Pleiadian Agenda
  10. Evulva - Dive
  11. Tapping The Vein - Butterfly
  12. This Ascension - Serpents Seranade
  13. The Razor Skyline - Exit Zero
  14. Kirlian Camera - Your Face In The Sun
  15. Ivoux - Sif

With the blazing success story that was "Diva X Machina", COP International continues down its path of success with the release of another anthological collection of female electronic artists. This time around, however, most of the bands are less known in their genres than on the collection's predecessor. As a result, these virtually unknown acts are given a chance to shine. While the usual COP stable of artists such as Battery, Razor Skyline, and Ivoux are present, the best material is definitely from the lesser known acts. Evulva, lead by 99Kowalski of Front 242 fame, leads the pack, followed shortly by the aggressive Tapping the Vein and melodic 162. Each and every track attempts to outperform its sisters are more often than not, succeeds. Once again COP International pulls together a collection of the female acts who pioneer the way we listen to electronic music.

COP International Records
981 Aileen
Oakland, CA 94608


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