Dissonance: Demo

  1. Days
  2. Caged
  3. Wait
  4. Rage

Dissonance has an extremely somber approach towards a very normal style of alternative electro pop. The lead vocalist exudes an almost diva like tonal quality which seems drastically out of place in contrast to rest of the music. While primarily an electronic band, the occasional guitar does seep into the mix without detracting from overall mood of the track. As for the programming, it is perhaps the most unique element of the band. There isn't a preset anywhere on the tape, and yet it still has a very commercial air to it. My only complaint is that the vocalist and the just don't mix well together. While both are extremely talented on their own, the mesh of the two styles are simply too much of a dialectic opposite. As a result the demo sounds very choppy in places and doesn't seem to progress beyond anything more than ear candy.

(214) 578-8659

E-mail: dissonance@aol.com

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